BERALB Sh.A (50% Partnership)

Beralb Sh.A established in 2001 to develop, construct and modernize the mining industry in Albania, and to conduct geological and mining studies.

Beralb Sh.A is owned by Ekin Maden and Jiangxi Copper Company Limited, which got into a partnership with Ekin Maden in 2014.
Jiangxi Copper is the largest copper producer in China and has the largest copper resources among Chinese companies. It offers copper cathodes, rods and wires, and other related products, including pyrite concentrates, sulfuric acid, and electrolytic gold and silver, as well as molybdenum. Jiangxi Copper Co Ltd was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Guixi City, China.

Beralb Sh.A has realized more than USD 120 million in the copper industry of Albania, and it is the biggest producer of copper concentrate in Albania by developing exploration, extracting and beneficiation processes of the copper ores in the Mirdita, Puka and Shkodra regions. The company invested in a new processing plant at Fusha Arrez, with treatment capacity of 600,000 tonnes/year.

Beralb Sh.A, currently owns Munella, Karma, Qaf Bari, Paluce, Lakrosh, Tuc, and Fusha Arrez Mines – having over 10,000,000 tonnes of reserves in total- in Albania, is enhancing its reserves in the region by continuing exploration activities.