About Us

Ekin Maden, established in 1982 in Istanbul, is one of the leading companies in the metals and minerals sector in Turkey. Our company has agencies in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai and an ore crushing and storing facility in Mersin.

We predominantly produce and export chrome, zinc, lead, copper ores and concentrates as well as importing and distributing zinc metal, lead metal, copper cathodes/wire rods, and aluminium metal.
Ekin Maden currently having a partnership with Beralb Sh.A in Albania, made investments in Lak Rosh, Munella, and Karma Mines in 2001 and obtained licences of Tuc Qafe Bari, Paluca, and Fush Arrez Copper Mines.

In 2014, Beralb Sh.A formed a partnership with Jiangxi Copper-the largest copper company in China. This collaboration enhanced Ekin Maden’s investments in Albania even further. Now, Ekin Maden is one of the biggest exporters of Albania, with an annual flotation capacity of 600,000 tonnes.

Ekin Maden, with long years of experience, is not only the leader of the Turkish metals and minerals market, but also sought after internationally due to its well- established reputation.

Ekin Maden contributes remarkably to the development of the Turkish mining sector by providing financial support to producers and continuously investing in various regions of Turkey. Today, Ekin Maden is one of the top three metallic ores exporting companies in Turkey.