Ordu Bayramlı Zinc, Lead and Copper Mine Site (50% Partnership)

Esen Madencilik A.Ş., whom Ekin Maden is 50% partner; has two licensed mines located in Ordu, Altınordu, Bayramlı village in the eastern Black Sea and Gürpınar-Yeşilada in Kabadüz.

Copper, Lead, Zinc deposits and occurrences in the region are vein type formations developed in the Upper Cretaceous volcanic rocks, generally along the East-West and/or Southwest-Northeast fault zones.

With 40 staff the mining exploration and development activities are going on where our priority is human and nature. Within the project running phase, upto 350 people from the region will be employed as we do take care to create long term opportunities and to give priority to our logistics and procurement needs.