Vllahen Mining SHPK (%50 Ortak)

Vllahen Mining Company established in early 2018 by Ekin Maden (50%) and Albchrome SHPK (50%).

Albchrome SHPK is one of the most important companies in Albania in chromium mining as well as FeCr production.

The Vllahen Mining Company obtained the operating license of the Vllahen Chrome Field, which was tendered by the Albanian Ministry of Energy on 13.07.2018.

Vllahen Chrome Field is located in the NE region of Has City in Albania. The chromium reserve determined is 1,500,000 tonness with a content of 26.67% Cr₂O₃.

The planned investments will be completed in 2019 and the production phase will begin. In the first stage, 1,500 tonnes of concentrate production is planned by processing 7,500 tonnes/month.